Dye Precision


Born in 1994 with one product (Dye Boomstick Barrel) and an athlete's vision, DYE Precision, has grown and evolved over the past 20 years into an industry leading company with production, design, manufacturing. DYE Precision is a sports technology driven company with a wide range of products focused in the Paintball industry. The company is known for pushing boundaries and for unyielding quality, with both paintball products and partnerships, and has been aggressive in diversifying their paintball product line and creative reach. Dye Precision manufactures some of the best products in the paintball industry such as the Dye Rotor Loader, Dye i4 goggles, Dye Dam marker, Barrels and DM marker series. In addition, Dye has cutting edge pod packs, pants and jerseys which are available in various patterns.Dye Paintball Products make pure action sports experiences possible. At DYE Precision the focus has always be the creative quest to put the best products into the hands of their customers, teams, and athletes.