JT Paintball


KEE Action Sports is the exclusive source for Empire™, Empire Battle Tested, Spyder, and JT Brand paintball gear and equipment. The highest quality, best paintball brands, widest variety, selection and design of paintball gear. They have over 30 years of combined experience to work, produce and supply the widest selection of top quality products such as Empire™ Axe, Empire™ Invert Mini GS, Empire Battle Tested TM-15, E-Vent Goggles, E-Flex, Empire™ Carbon Fiber HPA Tanks, and a wide selection of paintball jerseys, pants, pod packs and paintball gun upgrades. Innovative technology is put into place with the design of their paintball guns and products with an emphasis on quality and latest design makes KEE Acton Sports a leading manufacture in the paintball industry. With the widest section of paintball gear for both the woodsball scenario paintball player to your speedball players, KEE Action Sports provides various options in both style and price point of all paintball products.