Tippmann Sports


Tippmann Sports is the world leader in high-performance paintball markers and accessories, a company that prides itself on making superior paintball products at an affordable price. Innovative, robust, quality and versatility are common terms that are synonymous with Tippmann paintball guns and products. Tippmann has manufactured paintball marker game changers such as the Tippmann A-5, 98 Custom, Tippmann Crossover, X7 Phenom and now the new TCR Magfed paintball marker that provides a new level of realism to your paintball play. Tippmann has innovative technology only available with Tippmann markers such as the response trigger and cyclone feed system. Tippmann Sports also manufactures a full line of paintball gear such as tactical vest, milsim paintball guns, loaders, goggles and marker accessories and upgrades such as paintball gun stocks, barrels, and shrouds to design your paintball marker into a Tippmann scenario paintball gun. Tippmann Sports was founded in 1986 and their brands have continued to showcase their commitment to providing the best selection of products and marketing support to help grow the game.