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Virtue Paintball


Virtue Paintball, 10 years of destroying the competition! Just over ten years ago, Virtue Paintball was founded on the belief that not all circuit boards were created equal. The Virtue board redefined the modern paintball gun, literally Upgrading the Engine of the guns's internals, allowing the gun to shoot faster, more consistently, be easier to use and more reliable.

After years of dominating the aftermarker electronics industry, Virtue grew large enought to combine their love of piantball with their desire to produce complete finished products that did not depend on other manufactures' like aftermarket gun and loader electronics. Thus, with the vision to make Virtue the leader in paintball electronics achieved, they decided to climb to new heights in the paintball industry.

Virtue unveiled the Spire. Its purpose was to deliver to the best player in the world a jam-proof feeding system, fast tool-less assembly, in an aggressive, light weight, compact design that hold more paintballs than its competitors - thus the Spire 260 was launched. Virtue Paintball continued its quest in other related paintball products such as paintball goggles - like releasing the VIO Contour and VIO Extend. Allowing the most comfortable and customizable goggle in paintball.

In recent years, Virtue Paintball has continued to expand its paintball product line with inovative products as well as merge with like minded paintball companies such as Mac Dev and Bunkerkings to bring the lastest and inovative paintball products to market and into the hands of the paintball players around the world.