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Stock Up At Houston's Paintball Store With The Gear You'll Need

Tippman Cyclone loader Paintball Gun Package

Whether you love to play amateur paintball, or you play on a league or as part of a corporate or military exercise, you will need additional accessories from a Houston paintball store to facilitate your play. Most paintball parks include some basics in the admission charge, but as you become more advanced, you might want to either bring your own equipment or supplement standard issue items.

Order Paintball Gear And Supplies Online Or In-store

Since 1990, Paintball Store, Inc. has been the leading supplier to paintball players in the area and beyond. Online ordering makes obtaining the accessories you need easy, while local residents in need of a Houston paintball store can stop in to our retail outlet or the store at our paintball park, Survival Game of Texas. However you prefer to buy, we offer the latest paintball accessories to enhance your play.

Gear You'll Want To Get

What you will find at Houston's leading paintball store is a full assortment of protective gear, markers, paints, and accessories to make for a great experience. Some of our most popular categories include:

  • Masks and eye wear protection. Playing paintball requires excellent vision while you protect your eyes from paint. Investing in a mask that offers a high-end ear, eye, and mouth and teeth protection will keep you safe on the field. On most paintball fields, you must keep your mask on at all times, so buying one that is comfortable is crucial to staying compliant. Having a good mask and goggles is an investment that will last you many years of paintball. Accessories you might want for your mask include an anti-funding fan, case, replacement lenses, lens cleaners, and visors.
  • Guns and gun packages. As you become better at paintball, you want a gun or marker that offers the precision and performance you need. Paintball Store, Inc., carries a full selection of products and accessories to enable you to play all forms of the game including wood ball, scenario, MilSim, or speedball (regular paintball.) Once you purchase a gun that meets your needs, you can upgrade it with accessories that increase accuracy, rate of fire, stability, ramping point, and other features you might need, especially if you engage in tournament play. Gun packages often include many of the popular upgrades you need. The store also carries the CO2 and compressed air paintball gun tanks that operate the guns.
  • Protective clothing. Some paintball parks provide basic vests for players, but if you play frequently, you may want functional, comfortable clothing to protect you. This will include a vest with storage for pods that hold paintballs, paintball jerseys and pants with integrated padding that enable a good range of motion, while protecting you from falls and run-ins with rocks. Additional elbow and knee pads, and athletic or pelvic supporters protect easily injured areas of the body. An excellent pair of gloves to protect the hands from the ground and from the impact of paintballs are also crucial to good performance.
  • Paintballs. The ammunition used in the sport, paintballs, are spherical gelatin capsules, comprised of non-toxic and water-soluble substances, polyethylene glycol, and dyed. The highest quality varieties also include cornstarch and metallic flakes to increase the appearance when they hit their target. Modern paintball manufacturers avoid using oil-based paint and compressed CO2 gas propellant to make them biodegradable, and friendly to the environment and participants. When you need paintballs, you can buy in bulk online or in the retail store. Paintball Store, Inc.

Visit The Paintball Store In Houston Today

Whether you are an amateur who wants to acquire the right gear to hone your skills, or a seasoned player who wants the best equipment, the Paintball Store is Houston's go to supply center. Visit us online to order or see the products we offer, or at our retail outlet store at 9220 Cyprus Creek Parkway/1960 or at our paintball field Survival Game of Texas at 2309 Aldine Meadows. You can reach the stores at 281.469-9777 or 218.422.2284