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Empire - BT Paintball Guns

Empire - BT - Battle Tested Paintball Guns are specifically designed for the scenario paintball player in mind. BT – Battle Tested is an exclusive source for woodsball paintball guns that have the highest quality, best paintball guns brands, and the widest variety of mil-sim paintball guns on the market. Empire – BT Electronic Paintball guns such as the Empire BT DFender Paintball Gun, Empire BT TM-15 and TM 15-LE are some of the paintball industries leading paintball guns. Additional paintball guns for woodsball and scenario play are the BT-Delta, Empire BT-4 Slice G36 mechanical and Empire BT-4 Slice G36 Elite paintball gun with electronic hopper and board. Innovative paintball gun technology is put into place with the design of their paintball guns and products with an emphasis on quality and latest design makes Empire-BT Battle Tested a leading manufacture in the paintball industry. With the widest section of paintball guns for both the woodsball scenario paintball player to your speedball players, Empire-BT Battle Tested provides various options in both style and price point of all paintball guns.